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Have you ever considered using the services of a stylist but wondered if it’s of value for money or worth the time and effort? Well, my clients, without exception, will all testify that it’s an amazing and worthwhile investment and experience for both your style and your self-confidence.

I'm a certified stylist with years of experience in offering expert fashion advice. I not only advise on the best and most suitable fashion, tailored for each client, but always explain the reasoning behind my advice to enable you to focus on developing your own style in the future. I will recommend changes to your wardrobe, suitable styling of clothing, accessories, make-up and all the possible combinations for different outfits for different occasions.

I also provide business styling advice for businesses and individuals who need to consider elegance and style while maintaining a suitable dress code at work.

I have specific knowledge of all the latest fashion trends that I share with my clients with relevance to their personality and lifestyle. The uniqueness of each individual means that the latest trends and expensive brands alone don’t guarantee good style but together we can achieve the styling success you deserve.

I look forward to working with you, Michaela


""Michaela is great, I recommend her :). Who knows how to listen and think, learns a lot and thanks to Michaela, he will save time and money. I got it right on my first purchase about two weeks after the workshop :-). But the greatest compliment came from my partner, and he's usually other to work than spontaneously praise my skirt :-) "(Jana, movie producer)


We provide our services in the form of personal consultations in particular, but not only in the Bratislava region. If the client comes from other parts of Slovakia, we can arrange an online consultation individually. It is also possible to personally consult and realise services outside the Bratislava Region where it is necessary to reimburse travel expenses.

Personal styling - colouring and body typology


We are here for you to create your own unique style. We will help you to pick your personality and promote your beauty in accordance with fashion trends. Let's explain what kind of colour type you are and which colour shades of clothing are most pristine and in which colours you should choose accessories. At the same time, based on the typology of your body shapes, we recommend the shots and materials appropriate for you.

  •   personal color palette
  •   the right combination of colours
  •   cuts and materials to flatten your character
  •   the best outfits for you

Business styling


For women working in companies where the dress code is prescribed, women entrepreneurs and all women who get into situations where formal dress is needed and need to look stylish and stylish are an essential part of a well-equipped business wardrobe. The service is for all busy women who don't have the time and energy to track fashion trends and create a combination wardrobe.

  •   we'll advise you on what basic elements a business wardrobe should contain
  •   we'll recommend to which pieces it is worth investing
  •   we’ll create your business wardrobe with emphasis on excellence, quality elaboration, materials, cuts and colours to fit your position and personality
  •   we'll find suitable business accessories that will add to your outfit uniqueness and o elegance

Revision and planning of the wardrobe


Do you have the feeling that the pieces in your wardrobe don't fit together? You often feel like you have nothing to wear?
We will advise you on how to assemble a comprehensible combination wardrobe. We will pick out new outfits and plan what you need to buy and how to combine it.

  •   comprehensive review of your wardrobe
  •   use the most clothes you already have
  •   discover new combinations
  •   start a day without stress and save time
  •   basic elements of your wardrobe

Personal shopping


You can shop with us efficiently and buy only outfits that flatter your character, skin tone, personality, lifestyle and combine them together.
We will keep your new outfits in line with the latest fashion trends, with emphasis on colour, materials, cuts and stylish accessories.

  •   faster and more efficient purchases
  •   overview of current fashion trends
  •   find and expand your style
  •   save time and money

Corporate events


I will provide a lecture, training workshop or individual advice on dress code, corporate styling, business styling, protocol, personal styling, colour typology, the latest trends in business style for your employees. Lectures can also be part of corporate conferences or team building.

  •   individual consultations
  •   lectures
  •   workshops
  •   training courses
  •   teambuildings

Event styling


We will pick and match your outfit for a special occasion, social event, important or other important event for you. We give you the chance to look elegant, stylish, confident and original.

  •   feel beautiful, confident and exceptional
  •   get ready for your special day
  •   choose the right style for your special day
  •   complete outfit including accessories and visage

Gift voucher - ideal gift for your loved ones


Why not treat your loved ones?
Give your loved ones the chance to find their own style and enhance their self-confidence. We will prepare gift vouchers individually according to your ideas. They may include any of the services provided and their combinations:

  •   personal styling + personal shopping
  •   personal styling + wardrobe planning
  •   event styling
  •   personal styling + make-up
  •   complete package (personal styling + wardrobe + shopping + make-up)

Workshops - Personal Styling


Price list

The prices includes the provision of services and the preparation of individual documents in electronic form for each client with overall summary, recommendations and visualisations.

  • Personal styling
  • Price: 1 hour / 48 €
  • Time range: 1,5 hours
  • Personal shopping
  • Price: 1 hour / 48 €
  • Time range: 6 hours including personal styling
  • Revision and planning of the wardrobe
  • Price: 1 hour / 48 €
  • Time range: 4,5 hours including personal styling
  • Event styling
  • Price: 1 hours / 48 €
  • Time range: The duration and total price will be determined individually according to the client's needs
  • Make-up and visage
  • Price: 1 hour / 48 €
  • Time range: 4 hours including a visit to the hairdressing salon

We will prepare a gift voucher based on your individual requirements adapted to your special occasion.
The gift voucher is valid for 12 months.

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Fashion blog

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2019

Tartan / Pepito

Tartan will be worn in various designs, sizes and color combinations, as well as pepito (cock foot), very trendy mix of these patterns. It was Coco Chanel who designed skirts, jackets and coats from this pattern. At the moment, this is a big trend for the younger generation as well, even winter jackets with this pattern will be a hit.


Pattern dresses

Large and small flowers, diamonds, geometric patterns are worn. Perfectly tune with high elegant boots or cowboy style boots.


Leather / Suede

The autumn / winter season will also feature soft leather and suede in all colors. You can experiment with a leather blouse, top, dress, trench coat, skirt, pants, jacket.


Lace / Silk

This season is also a return to femininity by using lace, satin, silk and pleat on dresses, tops and blouses.


Coats / Jackets with detail

Coats this season often have a distinctive detail such as large pockets, ruffles, distinctive collar, fur on collars and sleeves, double-row fastening, distinctive pattern, application.


Colored sweaters

Oversized color sweaters, which are worn to both leggings and silk or woolen skirts, are also a significant trend this season. They are pleasant to the touch and are dominated by pastel and vibrant colors.


Knitted dress

In autumn and winter we want to have warmth and comfort. The designers pleased us with knitted dresses in MIDI length of various colors.


Ruffled sleeves

The trend of wide shoulders and ruffled sleeves on coats, jackets, shirts, blouses also persists in the autumn season.



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